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About Me!
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Hello there! Welcome to my little corner on the Internet.

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My name is Mincy! I'm a 19 years old transfem creature. I like coding, astronomy, science, gaming and photography. Also I love my friends. They are awesome.~ Do you want to be my friend?

I'm demisexual panromantic, non-binary and my pronouns are She / They. What's yours?

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More about me!

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- Socials: Mastodon | Element | Pronouns | Steam

- Friends: Elysia | Barrow | Spicywolf

- Extra: I really like this website and this website. Go check them out!

- If you wanna contact me, but don't want to use social media, mail me here. Peace!! <3

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Hyperfixations & Fandoms & More!

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Hyperfixations: Space, Photography, Gaming, Sci-Fi universes, Rubik's Cubes, Programming, Design and Video Editing! I also like hacking, but I'm very bad at it. D:

Fandoms: SCP, Undertale, Omori, Portal & Half-Life series, Voices of the Void, Ultrakill, Star Wars (mostly series and prequels), DHMIS, Doom series, Minecraft.

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Favorite music artists: MARETU, C418, Toby Fox, goreshit, Lena Raine, Cavetown, Camellia, Vylet Pony, t+pazolite, Daft Punk, MASTER BOOT RECORD, The Living Tombstone, and others...

Favorite videogames: Minecraft, GMod, Elite: Dangerous, Team Fortress 2, Space Engineers, Subnautica, Kerbal Space Program, Ultrakill, Space Engine, Firewatch, ADOFAI, osu!

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